Asking for a Friend: An Olympian Talks Cannabis In this episode Joanna Zeiger we discuss the importance of cannabis research and how it could help with the opioid epidemic, demystifying cannabis and how it is being used medically, CBD and THC – defining the differences and how to ensure you are getting quality products.

Tru4Athletes Cannabis Education Series A panel discussion on cannabis for chronic conditions with Dr. Joanna Zeiger, Dr. Jordan Tischler (renowned cannabis physician) and Chef Jordan Wagman. Moderated by former NFL player Nate Jackson.

The Trainright Podcast: A Deep Dive Into CBD and THC For Endurance Athletes: Is It Beneficial And Effective? Joanna Zeiger and Stacy Cason (Founder & CEO of Planetarie) discuss: what are CBD and THC?; what do athletes need to be aware of regarding the current stance from USADA and WADA; what are the science-backed benefits of using cannabis?; what are the potential adverse effects?

Benzinga: Enhance Your Life Podcast: Why An Elite Triathlete Turned To Cannabis For Recovery

The Triathlete Hour Podcast:  We talk to someone you may know: Joanna Zeiger. The Olympian and 70.3 champion is now doing something completely different: studying cannabis. She talks to us about what we do know when it comes to cannabis and athletes, and what we don’t know.

The Alpha Human Podcast with Lawrence Rosenberg: World Champion Triathlete Joanna Zeiger: Mental Toughness, Confidence & the Perfectionism Dilemma Video: https://youtu.be/L_FW7bN4Qd8; Audio: https://soundcloud.com/alpha-human-podcast/joanna-zeiger

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Allergy & Asthma Network Webinar Series: Cannabis in Respiratory Patients with Dr. William Silvers 

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