Introducing Dr. Joanna Zeiger, new member of the ICR Governing Board:


AS MORE ATHLETES USE CANNABIS FOR ACHES AND PAIN, THERE’S MORE WE NEED TO KNOW Epidemiologist and former Olympic triathlete Joanna Zeiger is breaking barriers in cannabis research for pain and recovery treatment. She knows firsthand its potential for relief.

Suspension of Olympic Hopeful Sha’Carri Richardson Condemned by Athletes, Highlights Archaic Cannabis Rules Joanna Zeiger, Statement made by Joanna Zeiger on the Sha’Carri Richardson THC positive in 69 News WFMZTV

One in Five Allergy/Asthma Patients Report Cannabis Use Less than half of physicians ask allergy and asthma patients about cannabis use, according to a study published online Jan. 16 in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Asthma Users Weight Positives, Negatives for Cannabis Use “While a minority of AAN respondents currently use the product, there were some positives, as well as adverse reactions to cannabis use. Most common positive cannabis effects were helps with sleep, less pain, and calm and most common cannabis adverse effects were increased appetite, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating,” the authors wrote. “Education regarding cannabis use, both its positive and adverse effects, should be discussed with patients, as well finding the safest route of administration.”

Can Cannabis Improve Your Workout? “More information comes from the Athlete PEACE Survey, which collected responses from more than 1,100 self-identified athletes recruited via social media and email blasts. The results, published on PLOS One in 2019, found that 26% of the athletes who responded were current users of cannabis.”

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